Sedation Dentistry West Vancouver

In West Van Family dental we provide a wide range of sedation treatment option for those patients with dental treatment phobia. Fear of dentistry is very common in Canada and prevents many patients from attending regular dental check ups and cleaning and that eventually leads to more complex problems which could have been prevented earlier . Most the of times sever anxious patients seek dental treatment when it is too late and at that time patient could need multiple fillings, extractions or root canal. There is broad spectrum for anxiety and for that reason , management of phobia varies. It could be as simple as re assurance, topical freezing gel application or in sever cases Iv sedation or General anesthesia.

We recommend regular check ups and cleaning to prevent the need for sedation and more complex treatment in future. Even if you think that you have many cavities you should not be embarrassed about your problems since this is a very common issue. We have treated several patients with sever anxiety and after fixing all of the cavity and restoration patient is placed into a regular check up and cleaning program.

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