Welcome to West Van Family Dental where we can help you maintain your healthy, happy smile .Our experienced and professional team is committed to providing the local community of West Vancouver and North shore with general, Family, preventive, in a caring and comfortable environment. Good dental habits can positively affect overall health, so the dentists and professional staff value their roles in helping patients  maintain and improve their total wellness. In West Van Family Dental we perform all aspects of General Dentistry including Invisalign and Orthodontics, Cosmetic and Family dentistry, Regular check ups and cleaning, Implant, Fillings, Crown, Veneers, Root canals, Extraction, Oral and Nitrous oxide Sedation for kids and IV sedation for adults. At our Family and Cosmetic dentistry clinic in West Vancouver, our goal is to provide better dental care  for our patients by using Microscope with higher magnification in doing most of the Restorative and Endodontic procedures .

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About Dr Oonchi

Dr. Mehdi Oonchi (DDS, DMD)

Part-time UBC Clinical Instructor  1

Graduate of Faculté for Orthodontic Research and  Continuing Education, Inc  2

IV Sedation Certified, , 3

Certified Invisalign Provider, 4

Committee Member, Sedation & General Anaesthetic Services , College of Dental Surgeons of BC

Family dentist in West Vancouver

Dr. Oonchi graduated from the University of Tehran completing his first dental degree (DDS) in 2005 and then continuing to the University of British Colombia where he received his DMD in 2010 as one of the top graduates of his Dental Class. Dr. Oonchi is a General Dentist with a passion for Cosmetic dentistry, implant surgery, root canal therapy, surgical extractions, restorative and pediatric dentistry. Additionally, Dr. Oonchi has expertise in IV, oral and inhalation sedation, offering adults and children who have dental anxiety a pleasant worry free experience. Dr. Oonchi values the patient experience by providing careful, considerate treatment to all of his patients including children.

Continuing education that is directed to the newest advancements and technologies continues to be a priority for Dr. Oonchi. During his career he has obtained several awards and certifications from Highly acclaimed associations such as, BC Society of Orthodontics, Dean’s list award,IV Sedation, Moderate Pediatric Oral sedation and Pediatric advanced life support to name a few. Dr. Oonchi understands the importance of giving back to his profession and has provided many volunteer hours to a local community dental program.
When not practicing his passion for dentistry Dr. Oonchi spends his time skiing the local mountains with friends, playing tennis, swimming or travelling.
Dr. Oonchi was  the member of UBC Advanced Orthodontics study club and currently he is an active member of Dr Litt’s ( F.O.R.C.E) Orthodontics Study club.



2009 BC Society of Orthodontists Charles C. Craig Memorial Scholarship Vancouver, Canada
2009 Class of 2010 Dean’s List Award Vancouver, Canada
1999 Silver Medal in National Biology Olympiad, ranking second Tehran, Iran
1999 Selection in first stage of National Chemistry Olympiad Tehran, Iran
1998 First Rank, in pre-university entrance exam in Azerbaijan Province Tabriz, Iran


Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation) USC, Prof. Stanley Malamed Los Angeles, 3
Moderate Pediatric Oral Sedation, USC, Prof. Stanley Malamed Los Angeles, USA 35 hours
Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Vancouver,BC
Pediatric Advanced Life Support, From American Academy of Pediatrics Los Angeles, USA
Member of College of Dental Surgeons of BC Vancouver, Canada
Member of Canadian Dental Association Canada
National Dental Board of Canada Certificate Vancouver, Canada
Member of Medical Council I.R. Iran Tehran, Iran
General course first aid diploma from Red Cross
CPR and AED certificate 2009 Vancouver, Canada


2015 AIC advanced GBR program, Bone Grafting and Guided tissue regeneration ,Dr David Chong, Vancouver, BC 14 Hours
2015 Root form Surgery Division A Bone, Dr Carl Misch , NV Las Vegas 18 Hours
2015 AIC advanced Sinus Grafting Course,  Vancouver , BC, 7 hours
2015 No prep Veneers, Pacific dental conference, Gary Radz, Vancouver, BC 2.5 Hours
2014 Comprehensive Orthodontics, Faculté for Orthodontic Research and Continuing Education, Inc. Dr. Richard Litt , Birmingham MI, 58 Hours
2013 Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation) USC, Prof. Stanley Malamed Los Angeles, USA, 70 Hours
2013 Endodontics: Re-treatment and Other complex Cases, Mark Olesen, North Vancouver,Canada 16 Hours
2013 Advanced Orthodontics for the GP – Dr C. Lear UBC Continuing Dental Education, Vancouver, Canada 30 Hours
2012 Invisalign IPR,Galler Spacing Technique, Vancouver, Canada
2012 Invisalign Clear Essentials II,Dr. Sam Daher Vancouver, Canada
2012 Advanced Orthodontics for the GP – Dr C. Lear UBC Continuing Dental Education, Vancouver, Canada 60 Hours
2011 Implant, Dr Ickeart , Langley, Canada
2011 Invisalign Clear Essentials I Vancouver, Canada
2011 Advanced Orthodontics for the GP – Dr C. Lear UBC Continuing Dental Education, Vancouver, Canada 15 Hours
2011 Crown lengthening Hands-on Surgical workshop, James Kohner, Perio Institute Vancouver, Canada
2011 Endodontics Unsponsored, Mark Olesen North Vancouver, Canada 16 hours
2010 Moderate Pediatric Oral Sedation, USC, Prof. Stanley Malamed Los Angeles, USA 35 hours
2010 Pediatric Advanced Life Support, From American Academy of Pediatrics Los Angeles, USA
2010 Two Weeks Hands-on Surgical Dentium Implant Course,
Prof A. Khoshkhonejad Tehran, Iran
2010 Nobel Biocare Surgical Implant Course, Dr. Irinakis Vancouver, Canada


2014 Diagnose and Treat Impacted Canines, Prevent Canine Impaction in Young Children, Dr Derek Mahony , Vancouver, Canada
2014 Correction of Common Oral Habits in Young Children to Prevent Orthodontic Problems Dr Derek Mahony , Vancouver, Canada
2014 Full Arch Rehabilitation – North West Dental Study , Langley, Canada
2013 Physical Evaluation, University of Southern California, Prof. Stanley,Ken Reed, Malamed Los Angeles, USA
2013 Emergency Medicine, University of Southern California, Prof. Stanley Malamed Ken Reed, Los Angeles, USA
2013 Pharmacology, University of Southern California, Prof. Stanley Malamed Los Angeles, USA
2013 The New Renasissance in Cosmetic Dentistry – NW Dental Study Club
2013 Full-Step Class II Corrections with Invisalign and Elastics, Dr. Bill Kottemann
2013 Effective, Efficient ClinCheck Plan Review,Dr. Willy Dayan
2012 Esthetic Strategies – The Indisputable Foundation of Invisalign, Dr. David Gates
2012 Tooth Mass Analysis: The Key to Ideal Functional and Esthetic Invisalign Treatment,Dr. Doug Brandt
2012 Invisalign and Distalizing Appliances: An Efficient and Effective ,Dr. Clark Colville
2012 Phase I to Invisalign: Early Planning for Efficient and Effective Teen Treatment with Invisalign
2012 21 Tips, Tricks and Techniques to get the Invisalign result you want, Dr David Galer
2012 Digital Dentistry with Dr. Mark Olesen
2012 Invisalign and Veneers: Combining Two Great Technologies for One Great Smile, Smallwood
2012 Summit – Class II Treatment Invisalign
2012 Improving Clinical Results with Invisalign G3
2012 Make Your Invisalign Finishes a Perfect “10”- AAO2011
2012 2011 Summit: Ideal ClinCheck Software Setups , Invisalign
2012 2011 Summit: Strategies for A-P Changes, Invisalign
2012 Class II/III Correction in the Adult and Teen Patient with Invisalign
2012 Rethinking Plastic: How to Apply your Knowledge of Brackets and Wires to Aligners
2012 Guidelines for Orthodontic Retention in the 21st Century, Invisalign
2011 Implant hands on Dr Ickeart
2011 Treatment of Class II Malocclusion Exclusively with Invisalign
2011 Treatment Monitoring: Top Ten Things That Can Go Wrong (ATE)
2011 Superior Treatment Efficiency & Profitability with Invisalign
2011 Invisalign G4: The Next Generation of SmartForce Clinical Innovations
2011 Fundamental Concepts for Restoring the Intraradicular, Dr. Douglas Terry Canada
2010 Today’s customer service; Debbie Prelssl and Paddy Briggs, VDDS Canada
2010 Bisphosphonates and Osteoradionecrosis of the Jaw, Dr. Chuck Shuler Canada
2010 Bonded Porcelain Restorations, Dr. Franklin Shull Canada
2010 Longitudinal Fractures, from Craze Lines to Vertical Root Fractures
VIDA Study club, Dr. Ektefai Canada
2010 Creating the Successful Cosmetic Practice, Dr. Dick Barnes Canada
2010 Glass Ionomers, Back to the future, Dr. Jeff Brucia Canada
2010 Levin Group; Hygiene Program Canada
2010 Achieving Outstanding Cosmetic Results in less steps with Canada
Simplified and Pink composites, Dr. Frank Milnar
2010 Creating Functional and Aesthetic Provisional Restorations, Dr. Bob Lowe Canada
2010 Dr. Stanely Malamed’s Local Anesthesia Update Canada
2010 Porcelain Laminate Veneers Iran
2010 Clinical Success with Composite Resins, Dr. Gary Radz Canada

1-(From 2010 to 2012) 63 Hours, Vancouver,Canada
2-(General Dentist) 2014 , Dr Litt, 56 Hours of training , Michigan , USA
3-Dr Stanley Malamed , 70 Hours of training,  Los Angeles, USA,
4-Level 1 and 2, 14 Hours,   Vancouver, BC

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