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The emphasis in our family dentist is prevention. In West Van Family dental we provides over all dental care services in diagnosis and treatment of dental problems for the whole family that include dental exams, tooth cleaning, teeth whitening, oral exams, and restorative procedures such as implant dentistry, composite fillings, cosmetic dentistry, and root canals, invisalign and Orthodontics. Our patients range in age from very young children to older adults.
At West Van Family dental we work with you to set up a workable plan to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent dental problems. Knowing your gums are important to your overall dental and physical health, we show you ways to keep your gums healthy. Together we can keep your smiles healthy and bright.

We suggests you visit a family dentist for a check up a minimum of two times a year. During each checkup, you will have a routine cleaning to get rid of the stains and plaque buildup to prevent tooth decay and gum problems and gingivitis.

Often we apply dental sealants to teeth to reduce the chance of cavities. This is especially essential with young children who may not brush their teeth as thoroughly as they should.

During some visits, x-rays may be taken to check for cavities and other mouth related problems. By finding cavities early, our family dentistry staff can fill the cavity. This can avoid more serious dental problems which could require a crown, dental implant, root canal or other more costly restorative dental treatments.